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18-Oct-2017 00:53

Over the next 12 months, Match expects to deepen its offerings in terms of location-based technology, video, game dynamics and artificial intelligence, among other factors.

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But unlike a carnival, the crowd consisted of 20-somethings wearing Pokémon Go costumes or accessories, their eyes slightly glazed from one too many Jell-O shots (free if you showed the bartender a rare Snorlax creature caught via the Pokémon app).A natural introvert, Quinonez said the social nature of Pokémon Go allows him to get out of his comfort zone and speak with other gamers to bond over Pokémons caught or sighted.“We’re playing the game on our phone, a lot of the time we are looking down, but when I see someone looking down, too, I’m like ‘yo I gotta talk to you, too.’ I get excited,” he explained.Like Diaz, Evadora Zheng found herself having more meaningful and fun conversations with fellow Pokémon Go players, instead of talking to men just because they looked good enough to swipe right.“I think the great thing about Pokémon Go is you’re able to talk to strangers without judging them aesthetically like how you have to do on Tinder.”It’s no coincidence the game produces this kind of love connection, as players of the game tend to be in prime dating age.Project Fixup, a Web service that matches users with pairs based on their interests, launched Wednesday.

Called Poke Dates, it received so many applicants it temporarily broke the website, , said chief operating officer Dank Korenevsky.

It is also a consolidator of a fragmented industry of online dating sites.