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17-Feb-2018 15:18

In a celebrated book of anecdotes about his life – Surely You’re Joking Mr Feynman – the scientist recounts how he applied an experimental approach to chatting up women.

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Richard Phillips Feynman was born in Far Rockaway — a suburb of New York – in May 1918, but his path in life was forged even before this.

Now, thanks to the web, Richard Feynman’s unique talents – not just as a brilliant physicist, but as an inspiring communicator – are being rediscovered by a whole new audience.

As well as the flower video, which, to date, has been watched nearly a quarter of a million times, You Tube is full of other clips paying homage to Feynman’s ground-breaking theories, pithy quips and eventful personal life.

“If he’s a boy I want him to be a scientist,” said his father, Melville, to his pregnant wife.

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By the time he was 10, Feynman had his own laboratory at home and, a few years later, he was employing his sister Joan as an assistant at a salary of four cents a week.But in amongst all the skateboarding cats and laughing babies, a new animated video, featuring the words of a dead theoretical physicist, has gone viral.