Symantec noy updating error 5

13-Apr-2018 22:00

symantec noy updating error 5-85

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MATLAB must be uninstalled and then reinstalled to the default path, C:\Program Files\MATLAB.Problem #8: VPN bug If you are using R2009b or R2010a and you have a VPN or broadband wireless connection, see the bug report here for more details: #9: R2007b startup bug If you are using R2007b and MATLAB quits immediately after the splash screen, there is a bug in the MATLAB startup in R2007b.Browse to the following folder: App Data is a hidden folder, but you can use the shortcut %App Data% from Windows Search to jump right to the current user's App Data folder.2.

These log files are located in the following directories and can be read with a text editor like Word Pad: Check the folders within this directory (eg: Report Archive) for files either created around the time that MATLAB failed to startup or contain the name MATLAB or JAVA.Do not remove any folder that ends with "_licenses".3. The preferences folder will be recreated automatically when you start MATLAB.If you are using a roaming profile, please see the related article: Why does MATLAB crash on startup on Windows when logging into a machine with a roaming profile or profile redirection?My problem is not listed here If you are still unable to start MATLAB after these troubleshooting steps, please contact Math Works support: include any log files, error messages and screenshots pertaining to the problem with your help request. I can start Matlab with the -nojvm suffix, which indicates that there's a Java configuration issue with my Windows PC.

When I run "desktop" from the Command Window, it gives me this error: If all the solutions listed above does not help, it could also be due to a seemingly unrelated issue after all.

See the bug report here for more details: #10: Possible Printer driver is corrupt A corrupt printer driver can sometime cause this problem.