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20-Feb-2018 01:36

Abusers use words to gain power and control over their victim, often damaging their partner’s self-esteem and emotional health.Encouraging or demanding that a partner neglect relationships with friends and family.This also includes sexual contact with a partner who is intoxicated or drugged and unable to give clear and informed consent.The use of any technology to control, pressure, or threaten a dating partner.But unfortunately, teen dating violence is reality for 1.5 million high school students across the US every year who experience some form of dating violence from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Read our article “It’s a teen issue” to learn more about what Teen Dating Violence looks like.

Abuse occurs in-person as well as through cyberbullying and cyber-control.

Statistics show that 72% of students in 8th and 9th grades are in dating relationships.

Just Say YES speakers are dedicated to reducing these numbers through presenting ways of effectively addressing boundaries in dating, refusal skills, and establishing a positive circle of friends.

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Friends and trusted adults can help students recognize unhealthy relationships and empower them to establish healthy boundaries.

Just Say YES speakers connect with middle and high school students through their own personal stories, the latest research and practical, relevant steps to get help.

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