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I know that my dad tried to bring them to the States at the time, but AF policy apparently prohibited it(per my uncle). Name: Eunice Claxton Posted: South west England around 1945 ish From: Texas USA My Grandmother received telegram telling her he had been killed in action. I am a 50 years old now who does not even know the full name of my real father.

I do not know if the births occurred in France or in Germany. I do not know what went wrong and why all of a sudden I got the urge to know him.

He was involved with Magdalena and fathered a daughter. Ingeborg Kost-Kuschnig is searching for her white American father. If this story is true I would have a half sister or brother around the age of 42-43yrs old. only spot besides Paciic Ocean known to be at this time. Noel has passed but we would still like to meet our mystery sister and learn her story.

Our mother was born in 1946 DNA test was done on her. He was the friend of her mother Helga Kuschnig from Wels Austria. Im helping a sister looking for half sister born to American soldier. Looking for information about Charles ' Charlie' Smith, then a Corporal attached to the 24th Engineers, ?

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Read More This free resource provides school study abroad program administrators a way to share information about consent, bystander intervention, safety, responding to incidents, and protections available from law enforcement and schools.In 1950, Margita (a displaced person) and her son migrated to Australia Even if it is too late for ' Charlie' Smith to know his son, he and his American family may want to know that he has a son and four grandchildren here in Australia who would love to know about him.